Dr Brian Collins’ research is at the intersection of crop physiology, cropping systems, water resources management and data science, with a focus on biophysical/crop modelling (APSIM, APSIM-NextGen, SiriusQuality, AquaCrop, DSSAT, WOFOST, SWAP). His expertise includes:

  • Biophysical/crop and agrohydrological modelling (crop physiology, agro-meteorology, hydrology).
  • Data analysis, optimization, machine learning and deep learning (R, Python, MATLAB, LINGO, C#, TensorFlow and Keras).
  • Drought and climate change/ variability (precision and climatesmart agriculture, sustainable farming).
  • Farm system design and management and hydraulic modelling (surface and pressurised irrigation systems, drainage and water delivery systems).
  • Integrated water resources management (water resources planning, land use management, virtual water).
  • Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing (GIS and RS).